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How and Where to Outsource Magento 2 Development Work

5 March 2022


As per the Shopify research and forecast, the Indian ecommerce market will see an exponential increase in next few years with an expected growth to $111.4 billion by 2025, up from $46.2 billion in 2020. And this has triggered many e-commerce organizations to Outsource Magento 2 development to create a seamless shopping experience for their users. According to the statistics, more than 250,000 active ecommerce websites are powered by Magento and this is almost 12% of the total online stores globally.

Magento which is now Adobe Commerce development platform is loaded with numerous amazing features that are capable to meet all of the requirements of online retailers.


Source: Magento is now Adobe Commerce

In this fast-moving digital world where there is an array of options available in the market, people are not going to stick unless you have an irresistible value proposition.

Keeping all the requirements of different online companies, this highly powerful e-commerce platform offers a basket of advantages to the users and brings feature enhancements and upgrades from time to time and Magento 2 Development is the most significant upgrade on this front.

Adobe Commerce Features

  • Site content and promotion made easy

  • Product Recommendations made easy

  • Reliable inventory, flexible fulfillment

  • B2C, B2B and D2C in one platform

  • Robust data analysis

  • Unlimited functional customisation

What is Outsource Magento 2 Development?

Magento 2 development is a complex task and needs a great amount of expertise, high skill levels, and understanding of the Magento development process as well as the business of the client. Setting up your Magento 2 e-commerce website or maintaining the same through any other third-party agency is known as outsourcing Magento 2 development.

Magento 2 is the latest and most advanced version of Magento, which is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers handy and feature-rich software to online businesses. Statists reflects that almost 11,000 of the total Magento stores are already started using the latest version of it.

Magento 2, the latest version is a content management system that is also compatible with the latest technology like PHP7. Due to its features like scalability, versatility, flexibility, and quick response, this e-commerce development platform is now highly popular in the market.

Why Outsource Magento 2 development?

Outsource Magento 2 development

The current market trend is highly volatile and ever-changing. Along with this, the e-commerce industry is highly competitive due to the number of players available in the market. In this scenario, outsourcing your Magento 2 Development is the best choice to stay ahead of your competitors. It can provide you a strong presence in the digital platforms you to accommodate the market requirement anytime.

Free Valuable resources:

Outsourcing Magento 2 development helps you to free your valuable resources to work on your core business. By outsourcing this activity, your can focus on your business strategies to enhance your sales and marketing and the Magento development team can manage the ecommerce development work for you.

Hassle free management:

Magento 2 outsourcing service will help you to manage your e-commerce website development and maintenance work without any hassle or headache. According to data, this Content Management System captures 1.1% market share of the websites which are using a popular CMS platform.

Bunch of Skilled developers:

You will get a bunch of highly skilled Magento developers who will look into your business goals first and manage the development task accordingly. This way you can rest assure that the product will be ready as per your business requirement.

Cost savings:

Offloading your Magento 2 development work will save you a lot of money by managing the work efficiently and proactively ensuring the debugging and other issues. Outsourcing the work will allow you to get the right product in the first go, thus saving your time and number of iterations.

Professional approach:

A professionally developed website can attract the search engines more effectively and here come the role of using a third party to develop your e-commerce website.

Why do you need to hire a Magento 2 Outsourcing Agency?

To make your business goal effective, hiring a Magento 2 Outsourcing agency is the best decision for you. Here are some benefits of getting a partner for your web development.

Assuring Top notch quality:

A good and experienced Magento 2 agency always keep the quality of the product as their top priority. At every phase of development, they ensure rigorous testing to check whether the product is capable to mitigate the requirements and expectations. Also, make sure that the features are functional.

Ensuring on-time delivery:

A solid Magento 2 development agency is always committed to the deliverables and delivery timeline. With the bucket of resources available, you will be rest assured that through proper resource allocation and reshuffling (if required) the project will be delivered within the timeline.

High-skilled resources:

Before entering into a project agreement, any responsible Magento 2 web development agency ensures that they have enough skilled resources to complete the project, without compromising on the quality. With extensive experience, an established agency knows the requirement of customers and accordingly have its resources in place.

Data Security:

Data is the most valuable asset nowadays. And therefore, you must worry about data safety while working with outsiders. In the case of working with an experienced Magento 2 development agency, they follow strict guidelines and procedures to endure the safety and security of your data. Also during the contract, they always agree to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).


Hiring an Agency for your Magento 2 web development brings another great benefit. To cope with the changing market requirement, you might need to expand your website’s features and offerings. An agency will help you in that scenario as well. Adding extra features within a short time and without hampering your current operation of the website is the expertise of a well-known Agency.

Pricing within your budget:

Usually, the reputed organizations understand your requirement and budget. Keeping this in mind, they offer different price structure that suits you better. Even during negotiation, you can ask for payment terms that go with your pocket.

SPOC (Single point of contact):

A standard Magento 2 development company always keeps their customer’s requirements and ease in mind. There is a single point of contact from the vendor end which helps you to connect with one person only for all your updates, alterations, and commutation throughout the project. It makes things easy and avoids unnecessary conflicts.

Advanced Infrastructure:

An infrastructure consists of the facility, man, and machines required for any work. When you hire a good agency for your Magento 2 development work, you get the availability of their high-end testing facility, skilled resources, and advanced analytical tools. These are essential to developing an advanced website with great quality.

Round the clock technical support:

After-sales support is one of the most critical things. And while you hire a good Magento 2 development agency, you can rest assured that the technical support will be top class. With 24X7 support, they ensure a speedy recovery of any unpleasant situation and run your business smoothly.

What Magento 2 works to outsource:

Magento 2 web development is a complex work, and it has a lot of verticals. A leading Magento 2 development company can provide you with all the services that can help you to cover all your requirements, revamp your website and make it your customer magnet.

You can outsource the following Magento 2 works that suit your demands.

Magento 2 Website Development:

This next-level comprehensive Magento 2 web development solution can mitigate all your requirements. Ecommerce website development on this advanced platform can offer a highly responsive webpage where you can give control to the users to view and interact according to their wishes.

Full customization is available for your e-commerce website at an affordable cost with a high return on investment. Looking into the long term perspective, a high quality ecommerce website is the gateway to a huge potential customer group.

Magento 2 Custom Module Development:

If you want to revamp your existing website and make it a customer magnet, it is possible with Magento 2 custom module. Add extra features and functionalities to your website and convert it to the latest and hi-tech platform.

Magento 2 Theme Development:

Want to give your website a distinct look? Magento 2 offers a solution to this as well. The theme development of this amazing platform can enhance the user experience by uplifting the user interface and making it more user-friendly.

UX designers and Magento developers collaboratively work together to understand your need and develop a superb theme that not only can attract the eyeballs but also compel them to take further action.

Magento 2 Site Migration and Support:

Magento 2 site migration offers a smooth transaction and migration activity to avoid any kind of botched situation. A well-thought and structured approach allows you to migrate your existing system to Magento without hampering your onsite presence and revenue.

Responsive Magento 2 Website with Mobile App Development:

Today if your website and mobile application are not responsive, you are probably out of business, especially in the e-commerce industry. Magento 2 offers a website that is highly responsive and takes minimum loading time without any error.

Website and mobile application powered by this advanced platform offers the complete functionality of your digital business on mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Custom Extensions Development:

Expanding you’re the functionality of your website is now easier with Magento 2 platform. Its custom extension development allows you to broaden the functionalities with customized features.

What are Magento 2 white label development services?

If you do not want to get into the complexity to find and hire a high-skilled Magento developer, white label Magento 2 development service is exactly for you. A white label service means developing licensed software by a company that is rebranded and used by another as its own.

Let’s explain it with an example. Company ABC hired a company XYZ for a web development work for specific purpose. After the completion of the project, Company XYZ handed over the software to company ABC with all its rights of usage and authority.

In white level service, company XYZ does not have any right or associate their own branding and intellectual property with that product. Whereas company ABC gets the full right to use its own logo, brand, identity, and IP rights on that product.

White label Magento 2 development services are the most popular in the field of website development and designing. Through these services, you can easily outsource the development part of your project without any hassle. It allows you to build your business website quickly and efficiently without hiring any developer.

Due to its flexibility and functionality as a package, you can get your desired outcome within the stipulated timeline and at the end, the product is all yours.

How could you outsource Magento 2 development keeping a good quality of work?

Magento 2 development quality work

As you now understand the requirement of a Magento 2 development service for your e-commerce business, it’s time to understand how you can outsource it.

A process of successful outsourcing is always daunting, and the success of your website depends vastly on the correct service partner thus, making it a vital play. The following points are critical to quality and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Decide on the project type:

First things first. Before you plan to Outsource Magento 2 Development or approach any development company, make sure you are clear about your requirements and business goals. Magento website development offers a variety of options, starting from a small or medium store to a large even multi-vendor marketplace.

  • Create a list of requirements and business goal
  • Work on the budget
  • Set your expectation

Choose Magento Version:

Magento 2 offers three different versions –

  • Magento open source – a free version that is for small to medium companies
  • Magento commerce- it is a paid version that is designed for large organizations
  • Magento Commerce cloud- it is also a paid version with hosting

If you are into a B2B segment, the second and third option is going to serve you better. Though the open-source is also loaded with numerous features and functionalities, depending on your business volume and complexity, you can decide which one you want to opt for.

Clarify Project Requirements:

Clarification of the requirement is very important for the project, it will help you to plan the timeline and cost. Here you need to list down the features you want in your e-commerce website.

  • List down the required features
  • Identify the general and unique features
  • Decide the number of pages of your website

Find Magento Development Outsourcing Vendor:

As you have now the initial requirements and details of the Magento 2 development project, you can now start searching for the best Magento 2 website development company to outsource the work. This part is the most critical and vital step. You need to check the below points before selecting the right partner for your Magento 2 web development work.

Question-answer sessions are the best way to understand the company and therefore we have gathered some important points you must keep in mind.

  • What is the experience of the company in the market?
  • How many resources does the company have and in which domain?
  • What is the window of service, whether it offers an end-to-end Magento 2 development service?
  • In which industry sectors has the company worked and who are the clients?
  • What type of cost model does the company have?
  • What kind of technology stacks are used by the organization in Magento 2.0 development?
  • What is the number of Magento projects delivered by the firm?
  • What type of certifications do they have?

If the organization is well experienced, it must answer all the questions above. Depending on the satisfactory answers, you can decide to hire the company for your project.

Organize Robust Project Management:

Strong project management is the key to successful project completion. It is possible that the service provider operates from a different location and time zone. Therefore, setting a strong communication methodology with a robust RASCI (Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted, and Informed) will help you to achieve the desired results without any hassle and within the timeframe. There are several project management tools that are easy and effective.

Where to outsource Magento 2 work

Magento 2 development is now highly popular in the market. There are numerous Magento 2 web development service providers available in the market. But here you need to know some best agencies or platforms where you can find the best Magento 2 service providers.


One of the best platforms where you can find Magento 2 developers as per your requirements.

This is also a good platform where a number of developers are available who can help you to develop good quality Magento 2 websites.

Jeel Techsoft:

One of the best Magento 2 web development service providers with a basket of highly skilled resources and technologies.


Magento 2 web development is the call of today. The E-commerce industry is growing exponentially and the demand for a highly efficient e-commerce website is also increasing. Hope this article reflected all the required details on how to outsource Magento 2 development service, its benefits to the organization, how to select the best agency for Magento 2 Outsourcing Service, and all.

Now it’s time for you to take the first step to fly your business through Magento 2.0 web development.

Are you going to take the intelligent step by outsourcing your web development work?

If you still have any queries in your mind, don’t wait, contact us and we will solve your problem.

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