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21 Tips to Hire Laravel Developers

16 August 2022

With the evolution of the IT market every day, technology has changed our day-to-day lives.

So, competition is becoming tough to stand in the market as other companies take advantage of it and develop their technologies. When you think of starting your online business or extending your business online, you need expertise, experience and unique techniques to stand out in the market.

Php framework Laravel is what makes the development process easy with its interface and structure. And it is always one of the best preferences of tech giants and developers.

According to studies, Laravel is currently powering more than 0.7 million live websites.

But if you want to make it on your own or use user inhouse resources, it needs dedication, ample amount of time and a lot of learning skills.

Hiring Laravel developers help you compete effectively in the market by delivering the best solutions for your business according to your needs. With the help of their experience and expertise in Laravel development, they can do wonders for your business.

Not only that, but the developers also developed web solutions that are secure and scalable and make sure that you grow your business exponentially.

But the question is how to hire the best Laravel developer for your web development needs. The post tells you some essential tips for hiring Laravel developers to help you hire a quality developer.

So, read on to find out.

What is Laravel Developer?

Before we dig deep into tips to hire the best Laravel developer for your business, let us first define what Laravel is and developers' definitions.

So, Laravel is a PHP framework with different features that help developers build great web applications and advance websites while fulfilling their business requirements.

Laravel Developer

The primary purpose of Laravel is simplicity, speed, and versatility. The framework helps you build secure and fast web applications within minimum time with minimal effort.

A Laravel Developers are those who know how to develop solutions using this framework and fulfil your requirements. They also support you with their technical expertise and skills.

Their job is to build or design fast and secure websites and apps that might interest you to explore more on their packages. Also, troubleshoot the issues related to the web application and website in advance and ensure that you are satisfied with their work.

With the help of their skill and expertise, they can create a unique and customized web application for your business that satisfies your business needs precisely.

Why and When You Need to Hire a Laravel Developer

Here are several reasons why you should hire a Laravel Developer for your business:

For Advanced Website: When the market is too competitive, the best way to deal with the competition is to build an advanced website. Following the trends helps your business reach a new height.

The developer can help you build an advanced and user-friendly website with advanced UX/UI elements that would attract many visitors.

For Secure Website: Security is always a primary concern for any website owner or webmaster. A secure website ensures fewer or no glitches and reduces business risks to a great extent.

If your website is not properly secured, this means you are providing ample chances to hackers to destroy your data and information. Hence, you must ensure the security of your website with the help of a highly experienced programmer or developer.

For Website Maintenance: Websites need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. But many website owners are not well-versed with the technology and do not have the skill or expertise to maintain the website proficiently. In such cases, it is necessary to hire a reliable programmer who would work on your website and update it regularly to ensure security and functionality.

For Better Management: Websites have many components, such as HTML, CSS, and JS. You must regularly update them with latest versions and bug fixing. Managing your website becomes easy when you have a skilled developer.

To create a Multilingual website: A multilingual website gives you an upper hand in the market and attracts more visitors. It attracts several clients who want to expand their services in different languages. A skilled programmer can create such websites for you with a unique design, user-friendly functionality, and easy to navigate in multiple languages.

To Boost Your Business: By means of their skills and expertise, a developer builds an excellent website for your business that boosts your business quickly and successfully. The website features functions that help you reach a new height in your business and attract many worldwide visitors.

To easily integrate E-Commerce features: A website is incomplete without an e-commerce platform that lets you launch your products online and collect payment from your customers using credit cards and other payment gateways. These are more complicated, and a developer can integrate the critical but much-needed features, build secure payment gateways to make online transactions safer and more accessible., easy navigation etc.

To impress your clients: Users must trust your website for placing an online order or purchasing products as they would not want to risk their money and details with a fraudulent site that may contain malware and viruses. To impress your clients, you must have a professional developer build your website and web application and ensure complete security with cutting-edge features for better sales for your business.

Save More Time: With so many things to do, managing your website's development effectively can be difficult. In this case, you can hire a professional to handle your site's management tasks and update it with new features and functionalities. Thus, you can conveniently focus on your business expansion and manage your daily tasks.

Technical Support: Whenever you face any issue on your website and need assistance, a Laravel developer offers technical support round the clock. You get the assistance right when needed to resolve your issue and get back to the business quickly.

For Responsive Website: One of the main things one looks for in a website is a responsive website compatible across all the devices. Laravel offers exceptional features to make your website responsive and compatible with all devices. A developer would help you design and develop a responsive and compatible website for your website.

When do You Need to Hire Laravel Programmer?

When you launch a new website with new features and functionalities for efficient business growth, your business needs the professional assistance of a developer. You need to hire one when

  • You want to develop a website that is a perfect blend of colours, designs, style, and functionality for successful business performance.
  • Planning to extend your website’s features as per the changing market needs and client demands so that users can get better service while accessing your website.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Laravel Developer?

The cost for hiring a Laravel coder depends on various factors, including their experience, location of the developer, and skills and expertise.

Generally, the cost of hiring a PHP developer is between $20 per month, depending on the project. The cost also differs in the region or the Continent.

Compared to other continents, Asia has the lowest cost at $15-$18 per hour, and the cost for hiring such developers in Europe is $21-$66 per hour.

In North America, the cost is $29-$100 per hour, and in South America, it is $20-$50 per hour.

If you want a developer from Africa $20-$50 per hour, and from Australia, it is $25-$100 per hour.

We have listed the figures in a tabular form for your ease.

Asia $15-$18
Europe $21-$66
North America$29-$100
South America$20-$50

What are the Benefits of Working with Professional Laravel Developers?

There are several benefits of hiring a Laravel developer for your business website.

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • User Experience
  • Responsiveness
  • Cost-Effective
  • Time-Saving
  • Customization
  • Easy to communicate
  • Support

Check out the below video to understand the benefits:

What do advanced Laravel developers need to know?

A good Laravel developer would know about the following things:

  • Good knowledge of PHP.
  • Web Development Knowledge.
  • Knowledge of MVC Architecture.
  • Experience in Database Management.
  • Knowledge of Web Security
  • Ability to work based on input/output requirements.
  • Basic knowledge of Bootstrap CSS Framework to build responsive layouts.
  • Website Performance Optimization knowledge.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Time management.
  • Project Management Skills.

What is the best version of Laravel?

Laravel 9 is the latest version. It was released on 8th February 2022.

It is the first Laravel long-term bolster (LTS) framework with new features and bug fixes that you might want to explore more on your website and web application development.

The features included fewer PHP requirements, a new query builder interface, anonymous stub migration and PHP 8 string functions.

Hire Laravel Developers

21 tips for hiring Laravel developers to make your life easy

Now, let us move on to the tips and quick hacks that a business can consider while hiring the best Laravel developers for their business needs.

  1. Check the developer's expertise in the Laravel framework.
  2. Communicate before hiring a developer, so you are clear about the developer's coding approach and work style.
  3. Understand the requirements in advance to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings later.
  4. Ask the developer to provide references from previous clients so that you can check out his skills and experience.
  5. Ask the developer to show you his coding portfolio to check out the work experience and quality of work.
  6. Find out whether the Laravel coder you are considering hiring has sufficient experience to handle your project requirements.
  7. Project management needs to be taken into consideration when you are hiring any developer.
  8. The developer must practice agile development methodologies to complete the project on time.
  9. Check the past reviews of the developer, and how other people perceive the developer's work matters a lot so that you can decide whether to hire the developer or not.
  10. Check the developer's communication skills so that you can discuss your requirements and feel comfortable while working with the developer.
  11. Talk to the programmer face-to-face and interview him to understand what he can offer your business by hiring him for your project needs.
  12. Time management skills are necessary when working with any freelancer Laravel developer or web development company.
  13. Before hiring a developer, make sure the payment terms are convenient and per your project budget.
  14. Contact many Laravel developers and ask them to provide you quotes for your project needs and compare these quotes to find the best developer to hire for your project needs.
  15. Agree on the project milestones and payment schedule with the Laravel developer.
  16. The developer's attitude and mindset matter significantly in the work when looking for the right Laravel developer for your business needs.
  17. Support after successful completion of the project matters a lot so make sure your Laravel developer is providing post-completion support or not.
  18. Trust your instincts and hire the Laravel developer that best fits your project needs.
  19. You should check the references of the potential Laravel developers to confirm the suitability of the developer for your business needs.
  20. You need to pay attention to reliability and quality of work from the Laravel developer you are looking to hire for your project needs.
  21. Your project's requirements and the Laravel developer's experience matter considerably to get the desired results while hiring a dedicated developer.

You will get help on Following Tasks by Laravel Developer:

Laravel Development Customization: your business website must express your offerings and talk to  your target audience. Therefore, a website is not enough, it must be customized and unique in presence. A skilled Laravel developer can help to create a tailored website with advanced UI and UX.

Laravel Data Migration: Whenever you plan to upgrade your existing system or implement an all new system scrapping the old one, data migration is a vital part of it. You need to migrate all your laravel historical data, client list, business details into your new system as these are essential to run the business.

Laravel Extension Development: Observing continuous growth, it is obvious that you want to expand your business. And it means that your website also needs extension. In such case, you can take help of an experienced programmer.

Restful APIs Development: Reach out to your target audience by communicating with third party devices like mobiles, tablets etc. and make the most of your marketing activities.

Laravel CRM Development: Want to make a feature-rich CRM application? Connect and tract your customer activities well through a Laravel developer.

Support and Maintenance: An underrated but most important component of a website. These programmers are expert in managing zero downtime.


Question:- How do I hire the right Laravel developers?

Answer:- Hiring a right Laravel developer is a daunting task as it is a matter of your front facia of your business. You need to use some strategies as mentioned below

  • Understand your requirements clearly from the business perspective.
  • Find some suitable candidates based on the alignment of your requirements and the skill sets and experience
  • Check skills, experience and previous works of every candidate
  • Ask questions to understand their knowledge, transparency and willingness to work on your project according to your terms,
  • After detailed understanding, make an agreement with clear terms and conditions.

Question:- What should a Laravel developer know?

Answer:- A developer must know the below things which are relevant to any Laravel based web development project:

  • Web Development.
  • MVC skill.
  • Database Management Skills.
  • Frameworks Development Skills.
  • Experience in PHP and MySQL.

Question:- Is Laravel worth using?

Answer:-Yes, Laravel is very worth using as it is a PHP framework that makes it easier to develop and deploy web applications with clean code and impressive features without any hassles. The framework is free, open-source, and based on Model View Controller architecture, making it easy for developers to hire the best-fit Laravel developer for their business needs.

Question:-Are Laravel developers in demand?

Answer:- According to stack overflow insights,10% of websites are created on Laravel, and the demand is still rising. So, Yes, Laravel developers are very much in demand now and in the future too.


In conclusion, make sure you thoroughly research before choosing the Laravel developer for your project needs to avoid any future issues with the project and save time and other resources in choosing the right Laravel developer for your business website needs.

I hope this article help you choose the right Laravel developer for your business needs! What steps do you follow to get the right Laravel developer for your business needs? Tell us in the comment box below.