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Tips to Hire Nopcommerce Developers

23 December 2022


Proper management of commerce on an online platform is inevitable for enterprises, small and large alike. Meticulous e-commerce management is now an essential business acumen quality. One of the best and most widespread e-commerce management platforms is nopCommerce. 

NopCommerce has taken e-commerce by storm in the recent years. A multi-featured platform that it is, it’s open-source access and fluidity as per the user needs is garnering top companies at the moment. The highly convoluted e-commerce looks easy with nopCommerce development and it is now inevitable to hire a nopCommerce developer to keep up in the market race.


NopCommerce is an open-source platform based on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework that acts as an administration tool behind the scenes and a business catalog frontend, helping in shopping cart creation. 

It uses an MS SQL 2012 server and provides an extendable, scalable, and secure e-commerce platform. nopCommerce uses a range of administration tools that can manage storefront, customers, coupons, discounts, and wish lists. 

What makes it more practical is, there is also a provision for flexible tax support and all service tools are available in 56 languages including English, Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Bengali, Vietnamese, French, Turkish, Italian, and Persian. 

What are The Reasons To Choose Nopcommerce?

Before finalizing to hire a developer for your website development, you need to understand what benefits you can get through selecting nopcommerce. Here are the top reasons.

Open-source platform:

Being an open-source platform, there is no restriction on using it. All you need to get access to the eCommerce solution and a source code. The flexibility allows you to make adjustments according to your project’s requirements. Even without knowing much about programming, you can work on it by simply downloading the basic installation version of it.

Vast and Easy-To-Access Community:

Nopcommerce has a vast community of experts who can assist on any issue. It makes the platform safe, reliable, and fast and delivers advanced features through continuous improvements.

Readymade Integration:

Due to the availability of thousands of pre-created integration, it is highly beneficial in developing a new website or revamping an old one easily and quickly.. It is also easier to connect with numerous payment gateways like Stripe, Amazon, and PayPal.


With the increase of M-commerce, it is now mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website. And nopcommerce has the best solution for it. The mobile responsive features help you to attract more customers. Through this platform, you will get numerous multi-device compatible features like customized templates that can be efficiently operated through mobiles and other devices. 

Another worth mentioning point is that the core platform of nopcommerce- controlling.NET make sure that it is compatible with Mac, LINUX, Windows, and other such platforms.

Feature Loaded Platform:

Apart from offering a variety of features to create a fully functional and secure online website, it gives an open hand to expanding your online store as your business grows. There are several advanced plug-ins to make the business easier. Only by revising the source code you can easily integrate other third-party apps with your website.

Why and When You Need to Hire a Nopcommerce Developer?

Apart from that, there are many more reasons that make nopCommerce popular in the market.

NopCommerce enables on-premises development. Its compatibility with Windows, web and mobile applications, and multilingualism helps take small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

NopCommerce developer makes tax calculations and shipping integrations look a lot easier. This helps appeal to multiple vendors and supports multiple currencies.

NopCommerce is highly customizable and flexible as per client needs along with regular updates available for smooth functioning. It is highly user-oriented and has a large active user community support. A robust CMS functionality plugin of nopCommerce helps handle heavy content. It also allows the outgrowth of business solutions beyond the existing systems. It can be hosted with both user’s current web host or the vendor’s host partners.

Nopcommerce Developers

Moreover, nopCommerce developer helps in linking your website to Microsoft Azure, Mailchimp, Authorize.Net, and PayPal Payments Pro, all of which helps in increasing the client base. 

Top brands like Volvo, Puma, Reebok, DHC skincare, Columbia, Medindia, and Speedo use nopCommerce. A developer might help you open the portal to these brands. And if your product is good enough, you might feature in one of them.

There is a nominal fee for white-labeling, premium support services, and a partnership program in nopCommerce. Since 2014, the documentation can be downloaded free of charge.

To know more about how to hire a nopcommerce developer, check the video below.

Some Important Facts/ What Is the Future of Nopcommerce?

  • The core development team of nopCommerce provides professional support within 24 hours.
  • nopCommerce powers 60,000 stores worldwide, with 10,000 new stores opening annually
  • The annually page views for nopCommerce solution partners’ directory is more than 80,000.
  • Reviewers have rated nopCommerce’s product catalog & listings highest, with a score of 9
  • As per the reports of in February 2022, 54,139 websites have used nopCommerce
  • The nopCommerce installation package has been downloaded more than 3 million times so far.
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How to Shortlist Nopcommerce Development Professionals?

Shortlisting a nopCommerce developer can be hectic. Apart from all the mechanics that might govern shortlisting the vital aspect is your vision behind the commerce of your company. Whether or not can the developer deliver is a serious debate.

The following points may help in tapering down your choices while outsourcing to a developer or such agency:

Company records of accomplishment: Past outcomes of a company’s performance is its reflection. Experience matters. An improved idea can be judged through past recommendations and samples of former contracts. Asking for earlier company assignments might also be convenient.

Cost: Development is a crucial venture. Knowing about the costs involved in the process makes it easier to understand a company and the charges involved. Thus, we can agree to the tender best suited to our requirements. 

Turnaround time: Faster results are always desirable. Timely completion of the project, as well as apt detection of potential glitches and their resolution, is needed.

Communication: Outsourcing is a collaboration and communication is the key. The developer must understand your vision and the market. Likewise, you should understand the limitations and workflow.

Idea: No matter how much you know about nopCommerce, you should be thorough with your idea behind the economy of your enterprise and your desires, what features you need to be incorporated, etc. If you have a clear picture, you can choose the right developer as per your requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Working with A Professional Nopcommerce Developer? 

When we outsource top a nopCommerce developer or agency, we can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • An officially recognized certificate by a competent body/organization adds not only to the credibility of the developer/agency but also to the contracts that outsource to it. This increases marketability.
  • An expert developer can help in easy integrations with payment, shipment, and marketing automation of the marketing website. 
  • A skilled developer may help create proprietary features that can not only be used in your web market but also sold to other firms. 
  • nopCommerce development leads to contacts with a vast nop Commerce community for 24*7 assistance.
  • A developer can help the client access nopCommerce channels to find new contacts.
  • With the help of a noopcommerce developer, you can create a mobile commerce platform for your business.
  • The person can help you to create a multi-vendor function which is essential in this dynamic modern world.
  • Additionally, an expert developer can easily craft multi-store management system for your online ecommerce business through nopcommerce.

The person knows how to get utilize the free support from the community to resolve issues quickly.

Hiring a nopCommerce developer can be difficult, but possible. Certain tips can be followed to trace your nopCommerce development experts.

On searching the web there comes a list of many companies that are indeed nopCommerce developers or at least claim to be. It might be a tedious task to sift through the results and find the best one.

First, examine whether the companies in the search result are nopCommerce partners. This can be confirmed on the authorized nopCommerce partners’ page, where you will find a list of all partners. The silver and gold partnerships are paid. Certainly, gold partners are placed above the silver ones. The silver partnership and the more expensive gold ones determine the benefits they wish to get. Some of the benefits are - access to sales leads, dedicated newsletter drops, discount on premium nopCommerce support, etc. This is a simple concept - paying for the nopCommerce partnership alone is proof of the company's continuing commitment to the system.

Moreover, other beneficial data you can collect from the partners’ profiles include:

The years of nopCommerce partnership – This is the measure of seriousness by the firm for nopCommerce. However, it does not talk about a company’s business experience.

The number of certified developers in the company - A developer needs to take a paid program with an examination to prove their skills and knowledge of the system. This program for a certified nopCommerce developer requires a score above 80% to qualify. Reputed companies offering nopCommerce products or services usually have certified developers as a sign of aptitude with the system. 

Plugins or themes developed by a nopCommerce partner- Rather than relying on the numbers solely, a further look at the products of a company in the nopCommerce marketplace, their reviews, and quality gives a pretty good idea of a company.

A company’s products should be upgraded to and compatible with the latest nopCommerce version. This shows the company’s sincerity and professionalism. Honestly, a product upgrade is not at all a piece of cake thus a company must have professional acumen to achieve such a feat.

The number of websites the company has developed – Check out the company’s actual work to get an idea of its work standards. 

Contributions the company has done to nopCommerce - The company’s genuine interest in helping the system improve and develop can be attributed to its contributions, which are best checked in the nopCommerce repository in Github.

These parameters may help in narrowing down the options to select the developer of choice. Other parameters that may help in shortlisting a nopCommerce developer

Check their karma in the nopCommerce forums. Karma is the rating that the nopCommerce community gives its partner and an excellent and genuine indicator of the partner’s activity on the forum and their knowledge of the system.

Check the company’s website. An idea of the people behind the company logo, what are their values, and business ethics can be known from information about the company, past works, and testimonials on its parent website. 

View the company blog page. Quality of content, last posted content, keywords ranking, etc. tells a lot about its proficiency with the platform. A lot about it can be learned similarly from social media. 

For the final sorting the following points can be considered: -

  • Check if the company has a forum on its site. A forum is where a company’s expertise is scrutinized by customer queries where customer support is vital. 
  • Feel free to ask a technical question through the company's forum (in case any) or through email. This helps to gauge the company’s competency at a personal level.
  • Test one of their products any trial version of the company’s products is available company’s website or nopCommerce’s official website to try and test. After all a company’s identity is in its products.
  • nopCommerce conferences: a reputable company believes in regular updating in knowledge and sharing it with the community.

The slow and steady development of the professional connection with your choice of company should take place to communicate your requirements and the company’s limitations. The time taken to reply to your email, or the quality of answers given to your questions, indicate the developers’ aptitude and professionalism. However, it is in fact easy to brag about the company. It is the actual work that separates the diamond from the coal.

What Do Advanced Nopcommerce Developers Need to Know? 

Everyone is now opting for e-commerce for better business scalability. As already discussed, more than 60k stores are powered by nopCommerce, and around 10k are formed every year. With such high demand and equally high competition, developers need to be proficient in their work and stand out with new expertise and other tricks up their sleeves. 

Some of the advanced skills that can be expected from a so called ‘bleeding edge’ nopCommerce developer include: -

  • NopCommerce configurations and platform architecture
  • Store designing
  • Upgradation and migration process
  • Customizable solutions and advanced plugin development
  • Site performance optimization

However, basic knowledge and skills are the ones that enable developers to be more dependable to their clients. Some of such qualities are as follows: -

  • Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, jQuery
  • Integration of payment, shipment, and market automation
  • Ability to create plugins for various nopCommerce operations
NopCommerce Operations


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Nopcommerce Developer?

To conclude, let us talk about the costs. Price ends up being the decisive factor and does govern hiring a nopCommerce developer. The vital question: “Is this good value for money”?
Regardless, you cannot base your decision solely on it because a cheap hourly rate does not inevitably mean cheap final cost. It is better to invest in hiring a good nopCommerce developer. Choosing right at the beginning will save you money and time in the long run. Proper research will find one the perfect nopCommerce developer in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nopCommerce?

Ans: This is an open-source platform Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework and MS SQL Server 2012 which is advantageous to develop ecommerce websites.

What Is the Use of Nopcommerce?

Ans: Nopcommerce help you to allocate different roles and responsibilities for your clients and also define terms to specific roles. With its amazing access control system, you can easily provide access or restrict anyone based on their functional activities.

How You Manage Different Timezone?

Ans: Being one of the leading and experienced Nopcommerce development agency, we have a multi-location expertise and therefore, understand the importance of adopting different time zones. Our expert team knows efficient ways and are available 24X7 to serve you.

Whether We Can Have the Full Control of Your Team or Developers?

Ans: Yes, if you hire a indicated dedicated programmer or team of developers, you get the control over them and they will work as per your time zone and regulations. You can easily communicate with them despite of working on a remote structure.

What Are the Payment Models You Follow?

Ans: We usually follow three types of payment models in our organization.

Dedicated hiring, Fixed price model and Hourly pricing model.

To know more about every pricing model, please drop your mail to our official mail id and we will be more than happy to answer your query.

Why I Should Hire a Dedicated Programmer or A Dedicated Team of Developers?

Ans: There are numerous benefits that you can avail by integrating with us and hiring an individual or team of dedicated developers. Some of them are

Highly skilled and experienced developers will use their knowledge to deliver the best website for your business.

There will be no requirement to guide the team as they are the experts in this field.

You will have the control on the entire deployment process.

A regular update on the development status, critical issues and progress report, as per your need.

A dedicated expert team of developers can deliver you fully customized solutions for your unique business need, with amazing UX and UI.

Our developers do extreme level of testing to ensure that the product work perfectly fine after the launch.

And the most important thing is the 24X7 post go-live support to ensure hassle-free resolution of issues  and zero downtime.


E-commerce and e-market management cannot be thought of without nopCommerce these days. Hiring a developer for the same thus seems inevitable. When the business is generating sufficient income as to cover the hiring costs, nopCommerce should be sought for to get the multifeatured, effortless, and customizable management. A thorough scrutiny is essential during the hiring process with the focus on quality and not cost. With the right choice, business is just a step away from being “nop-handled” into growth.